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RedBud delivers modern software for controlled environment agriculture. From pest management to equipment maintenance to task assignment and space allocation, RedBud’s integrated platform was built by growers for growers to improve operational efficiencies, while ensuring regulatory compliance. RedBud was born out of research at The Ohio State University and is backed by an experienced team who understands the complexities of controlled environment agriculture. As a centralized platform that streamlines task management and provides dynamic record-keeping and actionable insights, RedBud helps growers reduce costs, while maximizing crop consistency and repeatable results.

Our Software

Designed by growers for growers, RedBud saves controlled environment agriculture operators time, resources, money, and can help improve the quality of your harvest. The software provides the head grower, IPM team, maintenance team and business managers full visibility to the operation and the ability to make sure that the daily tasks are completed.

RedBud software is browser-based, delivered as a service. There is nothing to install on your computer.

RedBud provides a full data-driven view of your operation through the growth cycle. This will enable you and your team to make better decisions, resulting in more consistent crops each time while ensuring EPA regulatory compliance.

Stop trying to manage your operation by memory and spreadsheets. Use a tool designed for what you do.

Growers from all backgrounds rely on RedBud software. It doesn’t matter if you work for a large ornamental or produce cultivator, a corporate research greenhouse, or as part of the emerging cannabis market—RedBud is made for you.

Space Planning

  • Track all available indoor growth space over multiple facilities.
  • Identify the desired environmental conditions, available amenities and equipment in each and every zone, down to the bench level.
  • Track variables, such as pests and equipment, in each of your zones and see how they affect crop performance, to ensure that your plants are always thriving.
  • Schedule usage of each zone, and each bench within each zone, on a day-by-day basis.
  • Create crop templates that automatically create space reservations in your facility. Templates are based on the growth cycle of crops. They take into account plant growth and needed environmental conditions for each phase of growth, as well as critical tasks associated with each phase of the crop cycle. Templates can include trays, flats and individual plants. Plant movement, whether keeping a plant in a space longer or moving early, can happen on the fly.
  • Use zone maps to have a bird’s eye view of your facility, as well as an interactive map that provides critical information down to the individual plant level. Zone maps also track plant movements throughout the facility.

Pest Scouting and Management

  • Record all pest counts and observations in real time and in one place.
  • Quickly identify and remediate any issues discovered, and have a usable record over time that demonstrates the impact of control product applications, providing a high level visibility into what is working, and what is not.
  • Use the RedBud mobile app for iOS to complete scouting. Scouts can add new cards, take pictures of pests or disease, and enjoy all existing scouting functionality while on their phone. Users can assign QR codes, link them to the zone, bench, or plant of choice and easily scan the code for quick access to the desired page.
  • Track trends and patterns, something that is very difficult to do with just spreadsheets.
  • Select from a listing of hundreds of EPA-approved control products, as well as biologicals and beneficial insects.
  • Record and track all control product applications, maintaining a record to satisfy EPA and worker protection compliance rules.

Task Management

  • Assign tasks to your crew, and have a record of tasks which have been assigned, are pending, and are complete, as well as who is responsible for completion of each task.
  • Use the RedBud mobile app to keep track of all tasks while on your phone.
  • Enable your team to communicate important issues to you and other team members.
  • End management by sticky notes, intermittent conversations with staff and memory, which take a lot of management time, and usually result in miscommunication and missed tasks.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Identify critical items of equipment and their maintenance intervals in one place.
  • Track maintenance and maintenance events, assign responsibility to a team within your facility or to specific members of your team, and track all the details to ensure productivity and avoid costly down-time.
  • Use the RedBud mobile app to complete maintenance items.
  • RedBud can remind you when regular maintenance is coming up and assist you if an emergency happens.

Meet the Team

Tushar Kulkarni Chief Executive Officer

About Tushar

Tushar is a physicist by training, a developer by experience, and a born leader by nature. His dedication to “getting things done” enabled Big Kitty Labs’ scrappy start. BKL’s early success with rapid prototyping and speed to market approaches which were largely engineered by Tushar’s keen insights and understanding of how to get project conceived, defined, and ultimately across the finish line.

Katie Sentz Director of Customer Success

About Katie

Katie Sentz, Director of Customer Success, has a robust background in both customer service and technology. Her past work experience includes customer service and operations roles at Disney, Hyatt Hotels, and Olive AI, as well as her own meal prep and holistic health coaching business. She's a graduate of Ohio University.

Joan Leonard Co-Founder and Product Advisor

About Joan

Joan Leonard, Co-Founder, has over 30 years’ experience in the greenhouse industry. As Greenhouse Manager for The Ohio State University, she conceived and built the initial RedBud product. Joan is an expert in indoor growing operations and greenhouse management. She has extensive connections in the industry through her decades of work at OSU, current consulting work to CEA companies and through membership in organizations such as AmericanHort and the USDA Committee on Controlled Environments.

Dan Rockwell Board Member

About Dan

Dan is a respected leader in start-up circles as well as a thought leader for all businesses that want to embrace new ideas and culture in their organizations. His passion for innovation, new ideas and using technology to drive change is at the core of his ability to envision the possible beyond the impossible.

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