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Who We Are

Frustrated that no existing software effectively automates critical but routine daily tasks in a greenhouse operation, greenhouse management experts at The Ohio State University developed our own solution: RedBud. Our team has decades of experience in corporate and academic greenhouse management and, just as importantly, in the development of great software.

Our Software

Designed by growers for growers, RedBud saves greenhouse operators time, resources and money. RedBud software is browser-based, delivered as a service. There is nothing to install on your computer.

RedBud provides a full data-driven view of your operation through the growth cycle. This will enable your team to make better decisions, resulting in more consistent crops each time while ensuring EPA regulatory compliance.

Our software combines powerful data aggregation capabilities, widgets and charting and graphing functionality, to facilitate reporting, tracking and forecasting.

Space and Materials Planning
Communication Logistics
Equipment and Maintenance Tracking
Pest Management
Pest Scouting Tool

Meet the Team

Bob Wiggins Chief Executive Officer

About Bob

Bob Wiggins, CEO, is an experienced software entrepreneur and investor. During his 35-year business career, Bob has served as CEO of two software companies, Legal Anywhere and ProtoShare, and as President of telecommunications company BLT Technologies. Bob has also served as a board member of many technology companies, including Routeware, Veris Industries, nChannel, Cerus Industrial, DealPlanner,, Marketsync, and Remote Technologies.

Joan Leonard Chief Product Officer

About Joan

Joan Leonard, Chief Product Officer, has over 30 years’ experience in the greenhouse industry. As Greenhouse Manager for The Ohio State University, she conceived and built the RedBud product. As an expert in indoor growing operations and greenhouse management, Joan knows what features, functionality and benefit sets address growers’ needs and pain points. She has extensive connections in the industry through her decades of work at OSU, current consulting work to CEA companies and through membership in organizations such as AmericanHort and the USDA Committee on Controlled Environments.

Katie Sentz Director of Customer Success

About Katie

Katie Sentz, Director of Customer Success, has a robust background in both customer service and technology. Her past work experience includes customr service and operations roles at Disney, Hyatt Hotels, and Olive AI, as well as her own meal prep and holistic health coaching business. She's a graduate of Ohio University.

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